Skyrocketing Maize Flour Price in Kenya
Author:Admin Time:2013-6-29

         Maize flour  price in Kenya skyrockets in the grocery and supermarket. Many merchant are complaining about farmers store maize in order to get a relatively higher profit margin. Since the insufficient supply of maize, maize flour sellers, distributors and retailers declared that they had to raise maize flour price.

         The skyrocketing maize flour price aroused a stir in Kenya. Maize flour mill machine owner and other kinds of middle men made a considerate profit from the rising maize flour.Escalating maize flour price in Kenya has an inevitable negatively impact on its exportation, storage, downstream industries like livestock feed, bake diets that can not separated from maize, and especially terminal consumption, the mass consumers.

         Hiking maize flour price and shortage of maize in Kenya are just a beginning, due to the effect of climate change. Numerous scientists in Africa announced that in the following 20 years, production of most the important crops will reduce by nearly 30%, especially maize.  A new circle of skyrocketing maize flour price boom not just in Kenya but also most countries in Africa is coming.

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